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10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Mood

Stuck in a no-good, lousy mood? Here are 10 tips and tricks to help get you out, so you can get back to a routine and keep positive and productive.

1. Exercise at the Gym or with a Jog

Regular exercise helps improve your mood by releasing good-feeling chemicals in the brain. Research suggests the increase in body temperature also has a calming effect.

2. Light A Candle and Relax

Lighting a candle and staring at the flame will help you meditate which is a well-known stress reliever. Do this for approximately five minutes to kick-start a better mood. Lit candles also add a positive ambiance to your environment which can’t hurt.

3. Play With Your Pet

Playing with your pet will get you moving (see #1), and fun time with your furry friend will make you feel appreciated and loved. Dogs and cats are both great animals to improve mental health.

4. Go Outside And Enjoy Nature

Research suggests low levels of Vitamin D can cause anxiety and mood disorders. Sunshine is one of the best ways to get a good dose of Vitamin so go out and soak it up.

5. Read A Book With A Happy Ending

You can escape your own problems by picking up a good book. You may also feel inspired as you read about characters who find ways to solve their own problems and fight their way through life.

6. Sing Out Loud

If you like to sing (even if it’s only when no one’s around) then you can perk up your mood quick by singing your heart out. Go for a drive and turn up the beat. Make sure you choose to sing some uplifting tunes!

7. Do Something Nice For Someone Else

It’s easy to get caught up in our own problems. Sometimes we lose sight of the bigger picture. Helping someone else will get your mind off your own problems and can give you a sense of purpose. And you’re doing something that will make someone else happy.

8. Aromatherapy

Certain scents are thought to help the production of mood-improving chemicals in the brain. Some of the best scents to use include jasmine and heroli.

9. Hang Out With Your Friends

Nothing can get you in a better mood like good friends who know you well. You don’t have to make expensive plans – host a good card game (or learn a new one together). Good company is all you need!

10. Make Time For You

We rarely stop to realize it, but often it’s the little things in life that makes us truly happy. Make a list of all the small things you really enjoy, like drinking a cup of coffee on the porch or taking a nice hot bath. Set a certain time aside to do at least one thing on your list every day.

Sometimes it’s impossible to get out of a bad mood and that’s okay. It’s only human nature and everyone has days like that. But if you are always stuck in a bad mood that you can’t snap out of then there might be larger factors making you unhappy. You may need to take action to remove the negative relationships and situations that are making you feel bad.

Anyway, I hope these 10 things to improve your mood will get you back up and hopping again next time you’re feeling down in the dumps.

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Material Possessions and Truth Of Happiness

The question of what makes us happy in life has been debated for ages, yet there are still some who feel that having material possessions is what brings the most happiness. You can ask just about anyone that is rich if they feel that the possessions they have bring them the most happiness and they will likely tell you there is more too it.

possessions in room

Happiness can be temporary or it can be long lasting. Some of the happiest people consistently are those who have become content not only with their lot in life, but also with the understanding that they can control much to bring about the happiness they maintain. On the other hand, others who are unhappy, generally think negatively most of the time, and focus on the things in life that they feel they cannot control.

While material possessions bring about a relative happiness for a short time, the only real true happiness comes from serving a higher purpose than ones own self. You may have heard the proverb, ” There is more happiness if giving than receiving.” What this ultimately means is that when we seek to please only ourselves, and make it the main focus in our lives we end up with a feeling of emptiness.

The real way to combat this is to live for a higher power. The one who gave life. By seeking to live a morally clean life and following the principles he has set out for us, only then will we begin to see true benefits in our daily life that are not focused on selfishness, but on giving and sharing.

If you have comments about this weeks positivist note please feel free to share below.

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