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Material Possessions and Truth Of Happiness

The question of what makes us happy in life has been debated for ages, yet there are still some who feel that having material possessions is what brings the most happiness. You can ask just about anyone that is rich if they feel that the possessions they have bring them the most happiness and they will likely tell you there is more too it.

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Happiness can be temporary or it can be long lasting. Some of the happiest people consistently are those who have become content not only with their lot in life, but also with the understanding that they can control much to bring about the happiness they maintain. On the other hand, others who are unhappy, generally think negatively most of the time, and focus on the things in life that they feel they cannot control.

While material possessions bring about a relative happiness for a short time, the only real true happiness comes from serving a higher purpose than ones own self. You may have heard the proverb, ” There is more happiness if giving than receiving.” What this ultimately means is that when we seek to please only ourselves, and make it the main focus in our lives we end up with a feeling of emptiness.

The real way to combat this is to live for a higher power. The one who gave life. By seeking to live a morally clean life and following the principles he has set out for us, only then will we begin to see true benefits in our daily life that are not focused on selfishness, but on giving and sharing.

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